3. National Significance of the Railway Museum and its Collections


1992 Study on the historical significance of the trains at Cranbrook - Deluxe Hotels-on-Wheels

The Museum's collection of deluxe railway passenger cars, with many belonging to "sets” of famous name-trains, is recognized as one of the great railway heritage collections in North America. In their niche, the collection may be considered without equal in the world, particularly the fragile inlaid paneled interiors. Robert Turner, Curator Emeritus of the Royal British Columbia Museum, completed a 112-page study in 1992 on the Historical Significance of the train collections at Cranbrook, showing their contribution to the international story of railway car design in various eras of railway travel.

2007 UP-DATE to the 1992 study, and recommendations for a National Historic Collection-at-Risk - (pdf file, 5 MB)

In 2007, Mr Turner provided a 38-page up-date to the 1992 report, bringing into focus the growing international renown of the Museum and the urgent need for proper capital facilities to enclose this important collection to provide long-term efficient preservation

Application to the National Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada for the Designation of the 1929 Railcars of the Canadian Pacific Railway’s Trans-Canada Limited as a National Historic Site(pdf file, 2 MB)

Offical Letters of National Historic Designation of the Trans-Canada Limited (July 2011) (PDF - 9.5 MB)



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