Major Engineering Features of the Crowsnest Route

The Crowsnest Pass railway of the Canadian Pacific is a fascinating and often beautiful route through the southern Canadian Rockies. However, it has never attained the fame of the CPR main line through Banff, Lake Louise and the Kicking Horse Pass. The main line, with its world-renowned scenery and spectacular engineering achievements, highlighted by the Spiral Tunnels and the Connaught Tunnel, was widely publicized. Nonetheless, the Crow Route had several significant engineering landmarks; they are described in this section.


These features (except the abandoned route south of Lethbridge) are all still in use or are near active railway trackage. These sites can be very dangerous and are on private railway property. Trespassing on bridges and tunnels is especially dangerous and is not allowed. Always be extremely careful when anywhere near railway property. Modern locomotives can be very quiet and can approach suddenly and without any warning.

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