Goat River Canyon, British Columbia

Five miles (8 km) east of Creston the tracks thread the Goat River Canyon. On each side of the river large cuts were required to maintain the gradient for the tracks and a major bridge was needed to span the canyon. The excavation work on the cuts removed 62,000 cubic yards (47 000 cubic metres) of rock and overburden on the east end cut and 53,000 cubic yards (40 500) on the west side. A covered timber bridge approximately 200 feet (60 m) long and 165 feet (50 m) above the river bed was built across the canyon. The bridge was later replaced with two steel girder spans and a deck truss span totalling 238 feet (72.5 m) in length.

For another early view of the Goat River Canyon, click here.

Goat River Canyon

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