Alberta Constuction

Construction westward from Lethbridge required many timber trestles and bridges. This series of photos from the Royal British Columbia Museum were all taken in 1897 and 1898 and show many details of the construction.

RBCM accession numbers follow the captions. These photos are all from the George Henry Richardson Collection.

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Construction works in 1897-98 from the Crownest Pass route. Unfortunately, no one is identified.
RBCM 964.3469.8b
The St. Mary's Bridge was one of the largest on the Crownsest Line and was a major project for the construction crews. March 21, 1898.
RBCM 964.3469.8i
Overview of winter construction on the St. Mary's Bridge on March 21, 1898.
RBCM 964.3469.8j
Pile construction of the bents in the trestles at St. Mary's River Bridge on March 21, 1898.
RBCM 964.3469.8k
Trestle construction at the St Mary's Bridge on February 21, 1898.
RBCM 964.3469.8aa
Looking east over the construction work at St. Mary's Bridge, March 21, 1898.
RBCM 964.3469.8l
Winter conditions were extreme. Ice accumulated around the bridge site. April 16, 1898.
RBCM 964.3469.8m
Construction trains and equipment at the St. Mary's River Bridge site on April 25, 1898. Steele & Co. photo.
RBCM 964.3469.8o
The Whoop Up Cutbank on March 5, 1898. Heavy grading work was needed in many places. Large cuts and fill were used to attain the desired grade for the railway.
RBCM 964.3469.8h
An unidentified cut on the Crowsnest line east of the pass.
RBCM 964.3469.8a
Sixteen Mile Coulee, looking west, on November 15, 1897.
RBCM 964.3469.8c
A small truss bridge, No. 17, at Old Man River, Alberta, on November 24, 1897.
RBCM 964.3469.8d
Pile trestle construction at station 3660. January 5, 1898.
RBCM 964.3469.8e

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