British Columbia Construction    

Construction westward from Lethbridge required many timber trestles and bridges. This series of photos from the Royal British Columbia Museum were all taken in 1897 and 1898 and show many details of the construction.

RBCM accession numbers follow the captions. These photos are all from the George Henry Richardson Collection.

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Construction in the Crowsnest Pass using a Marion steam shovel.
RBCM 964.3469.8p

Typical construction in the mountains. This photo is looking east on June 18, 1898 at survey station 772.
RBCM 964.2294.1

Crowsnest Pass Restaurant and Bakery at Elko on June 3, 1898. The sign reads "Meals at all times 35 cents, beds 15 cents. Jimmie & Fred Props.
RBCM 964.3469.8z
Elk River Canyon on June 3, 1898.
RBCM 964.3469.8y
Crossing of the Kootenay River at Wardner. The wooden spans are Howe Truss bridges.
RBCM 964.2293.
1 Ima237
Moyie Tunnel, along Moyie Lake.
RBCM 964.2295.1
Moyie Tunnel and extensive blasting along the shore of Moyie Lake.
RBCM 964.2296.1

O'Neil's Cut at "The Lake", May 21, 1898.
RBCM 964.3469.8n

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