Trestle Construction at South Fork

Construction westward from Lethbridge required many timber trestles and bridges. This series of photos from the Royal British Columbia Museum were all taken in 1897 and 1898 and show many details of the construction.

RBCM accession numbers follow the captions. These photos are all from the George Henry Richardson Collection.

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Timber trestle construction at South Fork on January 25, 1898. The trestles were prefabricated and then assembled on site. Large sections of the trestles were laid down and then winched into position.
RBCM 964.3469.8q
The winch used to erect the prefabricated trestle bents. January 25, 1898.
RBCM 964.3469.8r
The South Fork Trestle on February 22, 1898.
RBCM 964.3489.8t
South Fork Trestle from the Coolee on February 22, 1898.
RBCM 964.3489.8ab

A huge trestle with a central deck truss span over the stream at Station 781.
RBCM 964.3469.8f

Falsework was used to support the central truss bridge as it was being built. Trestle at Station 646 on March 5, 1898.
RBCM 964.3469.8g
Trestle construction at Station 650 on February 17, 1898.

RBCM 964.3469.8s
Trestle work being assembled at Station 465 on April 9, 1898.
RBCM 964.3469.8x
1ma 259
Truss bridge falsework at the Old Man River Bridge, March 8, 1898.
RBCM 964.3469.8u
The trestle and cut and fill work at Station 379 on March 29, 1898.
RBCM 964.3469.8v
Second view of the trestle at Sation 379 on March 29, 1898.
RBCM 964.3469.8w

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