The Canadian Pacific Railway's route through the Crowsnest* Pass in southern British Columbia has been a key feature of the province's transportation system for 100 years.

Completed in 1898, the Crowsnest railway provided access to large areas of southern Alberta and southeastern British Columbia that had been remote from the developing population centres of western Canada and the northern United States. It remains a vital railway for the Canadian Pacific Railway both in Canada and as a major connection to the United States.

* Crowsnest, Crow's Nest or Crow Nest? The name for the pass has been written in various way since the 1800s. The present official spelling (in the Gazetteer of Canada) is Crowsnest Pass and Crowsnest for the post office, town and CPR station in the pass. However, until the early 1900s, the name was spelled Crow's Nest. In many places and in popular usage, this earlier form is still used. Company names, such as the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company, the Crow's Nest Pass Railway or the Crow's Nest Southern Railway are properly left in their historical form.


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