June 22, 1899

Echoes of the Rail

Last Sunday at 5:15 pm, the first train under the new passenger service arrived in Cranbrook from the east promptly on time. A large crowd had gathered at the depot, and it was with considerable interest that they watched the first regular passenger [train] that had run over the line, come rushing into the yards. The schedule provides for a stop of ten minutes for changing engines. After the couplings were made, the conductor cried "all aboard," and away dashed the train for Kootenay Landing to make connections with the steamer for Nelson and all points west. A representative of The Herald made the trip to the Landing, returning the next morning, and he was greatly surprised to find the roadbed in such excellent condition, and a traveler from the east stated that there were many old roads that were rougher than this one. Splendid time was made, and at every station the arrival was according to schedule.

The new service is going to prove a great boon to this section of the country, as it will bring through here all tourist travel, either east or west, and a vast amount of regular travel, as people generally will be anxious to see the Kootenays. To Cranbrook, it will mean an increase in business in every way, as this town is the natural point for all people to stop who wish to visit any part of South East Kootenay or the Windermere district. And, again, the people living west of Cranbrook can come here and return home the same day, giving ample time for the transaction of business.

This service is a good thing in every way and now it is possible to travel with as much ease and luxury on the Crows Nest Pass road, as it is on any part of the main line. There is no danger, and the scenery is wild, weird and magnificent.

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